1)  Our nails are unique and can be custom made to order. 

Pick out what you want OR simply tell us what you want! 

Use "Let's Chat" below and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

2)  Our press-on-nails are designed by licensed nail artists and we only use same high quality products that we use at our nail salon located in Buena Park.  Check out our Instagram to see our beautiful nails! 

For those that would like their nails done at our physical location appointments can be made through "Let's Chat" or Instagram DM!

3)  Our nails are long lasting because we use gel, not bond, as an adhesive and overlay.  

That means our nails are highly reusable and much less likely to get caught between your hair.

4)  We use hard gel and include at minimum 5 layers of polish to build hardness and resilience.

5)  We use non-toxic polishes and equipment and sell non-toxic glue. 

Your safety is our #1 priority! 

6)  Skip the trip and hours getting nail done.  Our reusable nails are convenient, easy to apply and beautiful!