-Shown Image: Short Oval Shape

-Available Shapes: Short (Oval, Coffin) Medium (Oval, Coffin, Stiletto) Long+$5 (Coffin, Stiletto)


-Each set contains 10 false nails.  See below size chart and choose your size.

-Size: Thumb-Index-Middle-Ring-Pinky

XS: 3, 6, 5, 7, 9

S: 2, 5, 4, 6, 9

M: 1, 5, 4, 6, 8

L: 0, 4, 3, 5, 7

Custom: Please send us a message with your unique size during check out


Although most tips will fit the sizes referenced in sizing chart below some nails are unique.  We do have sizing kits available for purchase if you are unsure.  Please be sure to purchase sizing kit that correspond to nail shape style you are interested in.  



#0 - 19mm

#1 - 17mm

#2 - 16mm

#3 - 15mm

#4 - 14mm

#5 - 13mm

#6 - 12mm

#7 - 11mm

#8 - 10mm

#9 - 9mm





Hold the measuring tape or ruler horizontally across the widest point of your natural nail.  You can also tape across your nail, mark two widest points, then take that tape to a ruler for measurement.  Make sure you use the millimeter side, and not the inches side. If you're in between lines, round up to the next line. If you have flatter nail beds, add 1mm/1.0cm to your measurements (for very flat nail beds add 2!)

***Size may vary very slightly depending on your shape selection.  If you aren’t sure sizing kit sold at our store will help you.


***IMPORTANT: Please be aware of process time (read FAQ) and make sure your nail size is correct as we are not responsible if wrong size is ordered***



1. How do I know what size to order?

If you are unsure about your size the easiest method is to use sizing kits.  Sizing kits are available at our store for just $0.99.  Alternatively you can always measure your own nails and determine your size by referring to our Size Chart section. 

2. What kind of quality can i expect from my order?

Our press-on-nails are designed by licensed nail artists and we only use same high quality products that we use at our nail salon located in Buena Park.  Check out our Instagram to see our beautiful nails!

3. What type of nail adhesive should I use and how long does it last?

Nail glue can stay on for 1-3 weeks depending on your activities. Make sure to follow the correct nail prep process to ensure long lasting wear.

Nail Adhesive tabs can stay on for up to 1-2 days so it's perfect for temporary wear.

You can use both nail glue and nail adhesive tab together for long lasting wear and to protect your natural nails!

4. Are your nails reusable?


Absolutely!  Please refer to our "how to apply and maintain" section for details.

5. What is your processing time?


Our normal process time is 4-5 days, not including shipping.  Custom orders may take longer depending on the design and communication period but typically processing time is the same.  


6. What comes with my nail purchase?

Each of your order contains a kit that consists of a file, glue, adhesive nail tabs, buffer, alcohol prep and wooden stick.  If you need additional items you may purchase them separately from our store. 


7. Shipping

We ship all orders with USPS via US First Class Mail and shipped from Los Angeles county of California


*Please note that process time does NOT include shipping transit time.

8. Cancellations & Returns?

We do not accept returns.  We do however accept cancellations within 24 hrs of purchase. 

Please be sure to order right size as we do not take responsibility if wrong size nails are ordered.  Also slight color variation may exist depending on the device display (i.e. phone, tablet, monitor) you use.  Therefore please understand that slight variations can occur between the actual product's color and the representation on our website through your device's display.

9. Do you take any custom design orders?

Yes we do!  $20 non-refundable deposit is required for all custom designs.  Please contact us through Let's Chat! to get started and follow steps below:

1.  Communicate the design (verbal, image, etc) you want as clearly as possible and we will let you know the cost

2.  Once design is communicated and the price is acceptable please pay $20 deposit through our site

3.  Once the custom nails are complete we will send you a snapshot 

4.  If you are happy with your custom nails please complete your purchase through our site as discussed

5.  Your custom nails will be shipped within 24 business hours and tracking number will be provided as soon as possible.