How to Apply Your Press On Nails So They Last Longer

How long do your press on nails last? It depends on many things: how you apply them, type of adhesive you use and what you're doing in them day to day.  Rule of thumb is, the gentler you are on the nails the longer they will last.  Typically our nails can be worn by most people multiple times and lasts three weeks or longer depending on your activities.

Each of your order contains a kit that consists of a file, glue, adhesive nail tabs, buffer, alcohol prep and wooden stick.

How to Apply Your Beautiful Nails!

1) If you are wearing nail polish, remove them completely.  If your nails are too long, clip and file them using the included file

2) Wash your hands and wait until they are completely dry

3) Buff your nails gently with buffer & push back your cuticles with wooden stick

4) Wipe your nails down with included alcohol prep (adhesive will stick only to dry and oil free nails so make sure your hands aren't damp)

5) Apply one to three drops of nail glue to your natural nail and spread without getting too close to the skin. Use one drop (or adhesive tabs) for short wear and two to three for longer wear.

6) Put our press-on-nail on and hold it down for ten seconds. 

7) Repeat steps 5 & 6 to your other nails

8) DO NOT wash your hands for at least 20 minutes after applying your nails. 

9) It is hard to get the exact same amount of glue on all your nails, so if one comes off before the others, just reglue it!

If you want the hold strength of nail glue but don't want dried on residue on your natural nails, combine nail adhesive tabs and nail glue.  Apply adhesive tabs to your natural nails first, and then add nail glue on top of adhesive tabs before firmly pushing and holding the press on place for 15 seconds.

IMPORTANT TIP: Give your nails a two-week breather between press-on-nails. The glue can damage your nails if you use it too often.  Once a month is safe for me.

how to maintain them so that they last longer

1)  Do NOT dip press-on-nail in acetone as they will no longer be reusable

2)  When removing press-on-nail for reapplication, be sure to apply cuticle oil where the press-on-nail touches your natural nail (edge of press-on-nail near cuticle), then dip your finger in warm water until the press-on-nail feels loose before carefully removing them

3)  Avoid water if possible.  Warm water in particular will loosen adhesive quality of nail glue and/or adhesive tabs.  Using waterproof gloves during shower and when washing dishes will help!


4)  If your press-on-nail (partially) lifts, dip affected finger in warm water until the press-on-nail feels lose, then carefully remove affected press-on-nail.  Once the press-on-nail is removed repeat press-on-nail application instructions above